While on an awkward picnic, Randy and Amanda’s first date goes from bad to worse when an axe murderer joins the mix. Randy attempts to lead Amanda away from danger, but soon they find themselves face to face with the killer. They must work together to stay alive and save their date.


RANDY - A 20 year boy with a very awkward personality is trying to get over his awkwardness by going on a date. He must work through his lack of confidence to save not only himself but his date.

AMANDA - A 20 year old girl who has a very sarcastic personality but is strong willed when it comes to escaping the surroundings around her.

KILLER - A tall masked man who is willing to kill but is hiding the secret that he is allergic to peanut butter.


MASON MASHTARE (Director) - I love the horror and comedy genres. The two types of film seem so different, yet follow such a similar structure and pace. I feel as though the process of pulling off a jump scare or visual joke are alike. Another thing I really enjoy is telling stories that haven’t been told before. Bloody First Date is a beautiful culmination of everything I enjoy watching and making. It’s a jumbled mix of genres that I hope people will enjoy.

MORGAN HILLS (Assistant Director) - After hearing the pitch for Bloody First Date I knew I wanted to be involved. I’ve been involved in productions through a variety of roles but all of them have a similar genre being a drama. Bloody First Date being the horror/comedy that it is made me excited to try and help create something I haven’t dabled in yet so when I heard they needed an Assistant Director I jumped right on it.

NATALIE EVENSON (Producer) - The art I create is in the form of a film producer. I work closely with the idea in my films surrounding coming of age or change in one's life. I fell in love with producing when I was a Sophomore in college when I solely produced a film for the first time. My involvement with Bloody First Date was inspired by me wanting to push my comfort levels and produce a film that was not in the genre I normally would produce. Being a part of Bloody First Date has not only opened my eyes to different genres, but also helped me be able to produce art outside of my comfort level.

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